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Genos L300MYW-e
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2019 Okuma Genos L300-MYW-e  Multi Axis Lathe w 500mm Bed, Milling Function, Y-Axis, and Sub Spindle Key Specifications Swing Over Bed: 20.47" Swing Over Saddle: 9.06" Max Recommended Turning Diameter: 15.35" Max Recommended Turning Length with Std Chuck(s): 13.74" Travel, X Axis: 9.25" Travel, Y-Axis: 3.94" Travel, Z Axis: 18.11" Travel, W Axis (Sub Spindle): 20.47" Rapid Travel IPM X-Axis: 787 Rapid Travel IPM Y-Axis: 394 Rapid Travel IPM Z-Axis: 984 Rapid Travel IPM W-Axis: 984 Coolant Tank Capacity (Gals): 56.8 Power Requirement, 220 Volts, kVA without Optional Equipment: 26.5 Floor Space Required W x D x H (without Chip Conveyor): 128"x72"x73" Weight (lbs): 11976 Control - Okuma OSP P300LA-e THiNC Control 120 GB Solid State Hard Drive 15" Color Multi-Touch Color Display 2 USB Ports 4 GB RAM Memory Coordinate Conversion, X-C to X-Y, Milling Only C-X Contouring Ethernet Interface, 2 Ports Extended Common Variables, 200 Sets I/O Variable, User Task II Inch/Metric Switchable LAP-4 (canned lathe cycles and sub-routine calling) Load Monitor Advanced One Touch IGF P3 M/Y/W Genos MT Connect Capability NC Work Counter RS-232-C Interface Spare M-Codes, 4 Sets Spindle Orientation, Electric Type Tool Offsets, 32 Sets Tool Wear Compensation Windows Operating System Accuracy X-Axis: 0.00031" (0.012mm) over any 4" (100mm) of stroke Z-Axis: 0.00078" (0.020mm) over any 12" (300mm) of stroke Main Spindle Standard Bore Configuration:  Spindle Nose A2-8  25-3000 RPM, 2 Speed by Coil, Belt Drive  20/15 HP, 420/308 ft-lbs torque, 30 min/continuous  Spindle Bore 3.15"  10" Hollow 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck & Actuator Package  Drawtube ID 2.75" Chuck Air Blow Sup Spindle Standard Bore Configuration:  Integral Spindle Type  Spindle Nose 140mm FLat Nose  100-6000 RPM Range  10/7.5 HP, 35/26 ft-lbs torque, 30 min/continuous  Spindle Bore 2.08"  Chuck, 6" Diameter, 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chuck  1.69" Drawtube ID (partial), Solid Actuator Chuck Air Blow (Sub-Spindle) C-Axis Brake Fully Programmable W-Axis Motion Turret 12 Station Turret, BMT, Milling Capable  Bolt-On Tool Holders  Non-Lift Hydraulic Turret Clamping  9.84" Curvic Coupling, 8730 lb-f Clamping  Servo Index Drive  0.1 Seconds per Station Index  6000 RPM Live Tool Drive  7.5/5 HP, 23//15.4 lb-f torque (2 min/continuous)  Touchsetter M Conveyor, Side Discharge, Hinge Type CALL US TODAY!

2019 Okuma Genos L300-MYW-e

Massachusetts, United States
2019 Okuma Genos L300-MYW-e
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