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GenV 5.1
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Grinding Wheel Dia.12"

Grinding Feed Rate - In Guide Wire Mode: 1.0" per second (25mm/second) Diameter Capabilities: .0015" to .750" Wire Diameter: .0001" to .250" (.02mm to 6.35mm Standard) Usable Wheel Width: 1.5" Linear Slide Resolution: 6349.9 Linear Counts per Inch Linear Accuracies: /- .0005" ( /-.012mm) Diameter Resolution: .000004" (.0001mm) Diameter Accuracies: .00004" (.001mm) Grinding Wheel Diameter: 12" Royal Master's Generation 5 CNC Guidewire Grinding System redefines the speed and tolerances of your stainless steel, NiTi, and other exotic guidewires. The NEW Eyeless Sensing System makes linear tolerances of .010" easily achievable without sacrificing quick cycle times. The speed of griding wires, and the accuracy achieved, comes from the position of the wire being updated every .005" as the wire passes the sensing pixels. Therefore there is no need to react, calculate, or track the wire in-between photoelectric eyes. Gaging diameter and length combinations, storing and archiving data, quick reference and dimensioning, or offset data. Sound complicated? All of this information is just a mouse click away. The part is drawn through the laser at a controlled rate, taking various samples along the body of the part. At the conclusion of the pull, the tolerances will be displayed in red, as the actual part configurations will be displayed in green. Then you can save the information into the database for future retrieval, and generate all SPC Data, Including CPK's with a click of the mouse.

2006 Royal Master GenV 5.1 Centerless Grinder

2006 Royal Master GenV 5.1 Centerless Grinder
Centerless Grinders